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Hanging up the towel - for a little while.

Two more shoots that I know of for the year (so far).

I still need to go through the work I shot with Akin. He actually took a chance on me and used a make up artist and the whole nine. I'm really, really, really impressed with what I've gotten back. Of course I'm going all neurotic over the images (before photoshopping; the joke of the shoot was, "Yeah, you can photoshop my fat out," after a comment made earlier in the shoot. No, he wasn't saying I was fat, but he was asking me to stand a different way to de-emphasize the mess that is my sway back). As a bonus, the make up artist (Dee) and I became friends, so yay, learning how to actually apply the makeup that's been collecting dust since like, forever.


Those are not my real eyelashes, by the way. Dee put on some massive fake ones. I couldn't tell if my eyes were all the way open most of the time.

Work's work.

My main reason for taking the time off from shooting is that I want to refocus on writing and illustrating this year. I still have a comic thing to produce, as well as some other projects I'd like to get underway.

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