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Jesus Christ.

It is been raining cats and dogs all damn day. Almost on a biblical scale, but not quite.

What does this mean to most folks? Let's take our kids out to the toy store!

For some reason completely beyond me, we were busy as hell this morning, and it's raining so hard outside that you can't even see straight.

And then it happens - a guy slipped outside and hit his head, and red shirts are everywhere. One of my co-workers tells me, "Call an ambulance!" and I was like, piss. I call 911 on the phone, can't get an outside line, decide "Fuck it," and call on my cellphone in the middle of the floor. I'm at the return desk, trying to get through (whatever happened to "911, what's your emergency?" Know what I got? I had to be connected to like three goddamn people before I was able to get to what I needed), and people are still checking out, still having time to like, bitch at the cashier when this guy is laying in the middle of our foyer bleeding. The manager and another supervisor were with him, and you know what people were doing? Nearly stepping over this poor guy so they could fucking LEAVE. We had to have people near the entrance telling folks that they needed to go out that way because they don't have enough goddamn sense or consideration for their fellow man to even half-ass express concern for this guy.

Come to think about it, the only people I saw around him helping him was the store manager and the other supervisor. Between myself and yet another supervisor, we got paper towels, called the authorities, and got gloves, but seriously? This guy hit his head, and blood was coming from this cut like a faucet. I have seriously never seen that much blood in my life. It was enough to soak through two cloth diapers that we got for him - and he's laying there, and people are still just fucking WALKING PAST HIM. No one even offered to help us - they just stood there gawking and bitching about what a problem it was that they weren't getting the floor's full attention. I'm sorry, your little fucking mistake that should have been in a goddamn sock is less important to me than this man laying here bleeding while his wife is panicking and trying to console their kid. No I can't help you find this, I need to get gloves for the supervisor who's attempting to keep this man calm and put pressure on his wound.

At the time, I didn't have time to just freak out, but now that I'm off the clock and it's sunk in, I'm just like...Jesus. One of my kids ended up puking (poor guy - blood was too much for him) and another one was shaky as hell for the rest of her shift. Once we got the guy into the ambulance and taken care of, we all just sat in the back and looked at each other. What else could we really do? It was really hard to get back to business as usual after that. You went on this weird autopilot and through the motions, but nothing was all that sincere. You're just like, "Hell." When I finally went to lunch (no one that had witnessed the situation really had an appetite), I called my mom and talked to her about it. She said, "And imagine, your dad saw that every day." My dad was a paramedic. She told me a story - one night, he'd come home and there was blood all over his uniform. My mom freaked out; she wasn't sure if it was his or someone else's. He told her that he was too tired from work to bother changing (apparently he changed into a clean uniform before coming home, so who knows what the dirty ones really looked like), and that it was from someone who had a gunshot wound.

And the whole time, people were still "me me me mine mine mine". I don't know what the fuck is wrong with people, but it's seriously sickening. Just thinking about how people just gawked or didn't even think to ask for help makes me think - my dad was out there saving lives, how often did this happen to him? Did he ever get this disgusted? In that sense, I think my dad was a better person than me. He didn't stop helping people. I find myself asking what's the point? It's not that you help to seek praise; you help because goddamn it it's the right fucking thing to do. But I think you can still help people and resent the fuck out of them.

I just don't know what's wrong with people that when they see someone suffering, something inside of them snaps and they just get out of themselves to do something. It's not like I was expecting someone to be, "I'm a doctor, let me see this man!" No one offered a phone, support...I just...Fuck. How did we get this far? If this can be considered "far", after all.

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