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I'm at Toys R Us now, working as a HR Department Supervisor.

The downfall to this is that for 5 days out of the week, I am surrounded by adorable as fuck baby products. There's something about them that just makes you want to have a kid to dress it up in little cute duckie onesies.

I'm definitely becoming more reclusive as I get older. It feels like a priority shift, but not. Maybe I'm gathering strength, maybe I'm waiting for something, perhaps I'm biding my time as always, waiting for this job to take hold, money to settle out and down, and then bam, back to basics.

Got a shoot on saturday. I've managed to get some of my definition back in about a week's time and dropped a size. I'd gone up to a 7 (as opposed to the 5), so that tones down the neurotic side of my brain for a bit. I did have a nice reality check about the state of things while I was shopping for khakis for work, though -

As I'm inspecting the rows (I'd tried on 5s and they were too tight - and unflatteringly so), I hear this tween voice whine, "They never have my size, GAWD! They NEVER HAVE ZEROS!"

I turn around and look at this child - who can't be older than 15. No tits, no ass, and about as big as my wrist. I was It's a good thing I can't get into 0s anymore.

Cause, seriously, wow, yuck.

When I went back to return a pair (cause, yeah, needed to put some money back on the credit card, yo), I tried on a 5, and they fit, but I deemed them a little too tight to be work appropriate. Mind you, I just work around kids and stuff, but, yeah. I kind of favor loose clothing as opposed to my second skin off the clock wear.

I don't expect to have the body of a 23 year old at 33, but I don't want to get fat, either. I want to just stay...proportionate and healthy.

And to keep my Chun-Li thighs.

Chris took me to the Orchid Society show this past sunday (pictures to follow soon, hopefully), and I bought 3 new plants - "Sea Jewel", "Baby", and "Hadouken." The latter are seedlings, which is exciting for me, considering that I've never raised anything from a little cutting. Even though it is extremely old people of me to do, I plan on joining the society once I get a few more paychecks under my belt. I've got an old woman hobby - what can I say?

Graduate school now seems more of a possibility now, although I wonder about my ability to become a professor. Classics would be a completely different animal from teaching Religion Studies, and as for the latter, I'm not really sure if I'm prepared to deal with blind-faith based stupidity for a paycheck.

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